As the number of my posts and pages grows, I thought it was time to add some easier navigation tools to my blog site.  So check out the sidebar widgets that allow you to view individual recent posts, pages, and pages and posts within various categories. Also under the header I have customized the navigation bar by adding various categories which I have assigned to my posts and pages.  For those categories that have specific pages, there is a drop down menu under the category name.  If you navigate to anywhere off the main blog page, which contains all my blog postings, you can easily return to it by clicking on the “Home” link found in the widget sidebar. This sidebar always appears on the right-hand side of the main blog page, but you can also access it from the “Introduction” tab located on the navigate bar under the header picture. So just click on “Introduction” from the navigation bar and then select the sidebar link to “Home”.

As I add new categories they will appear in the navigation bar and sidebar widgets. Hope this makes it easier for all my readers to return to any specific topic in my blog.

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