Welcome to my dutch heritage quest blog.  Over the past 6 months I have been tracing my family roots on my father’s side.  Both of his grandparents immigrated to Detroit, Michigan in 1890 from The Netherlands.  But I knew little of his family other than his immediate family.  Little by little I have been able to piece together a lot of information on my ancestors, both those who immigrated to the US and those who remained in The Netherlands.

My hope with this blog is to not just identify those family members, but to learn more of who they were, how they lived, maybe even why they immigrated to the US.  I hope you will join me in sharing those memories.

Yours truly, Lynda Reyst Klema

8 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Very interesting. Look forward to your additional comments. Going over some pictures that I got recently from my sister Gail. I am scanning them when I have a chance. I can forward them to you when my scanning is complete.

  2. Looks like a big job! I am very interested in being part of your discovery. I would love to help. Let me know what I can do. Do you know if our ancestors came through Ellis Island when coming through NY? We are planning a trip there this fall. We have been to the island and looked up Tom’s family. I could do some research there????

    • Like your updates. Very interesting to read all of your information. Quite a job. How are you finding all of this information???

      • I start with facts obtained from ancestry.com and other family tree websites that I unearthed through searches in the ancestry.com community and google. After verifying the facts that I have obtained hold high confidence, I then spend a lot of time google searching on my iPad on topics around those facts. I have been pretty successful in my finds, but not always on the first try. The wonders of the internet!

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